Friday, July 10, 2015

Another reason why SunPostMedia is destined to tank

Conrad and Paul can quibble all they want, but when something this dishonest and retarded shows up in one of their most prized titles, they have cause for concern.

The unpaid intern who wrote this story seems to think that a farming operation with a gross market value of two million dollars is a "big business." This in a climate where the average Toronto house price is over a million.

Where a 50 acre hobby farm commands a million.

Family farms with a 70 cow herd are "millionaire farming companies."

(By the way, this is exactly the kind of story that will kill Big Steve in Conservative-voting farm country, so thanks for that.)

And they're making it rich on the backs of the poorest of the poor, who don't realize that every variety store in the land offers a carton of milk for less than the price of an energy drink!

It's easy to see what the game is here. Those marginally literate people (that's what they call their readers when the MBAs are designing strategies) can be easily swayed by tall tales of millionaire dairy farmers living large on the backs of the poor...

Yes, we may be a nation of imbeciles, Mr. Godfrey, but did you really think we're that stupid?

You see Mr. Godfrey, it's not just declining ad revenue that's sinking the good ship SunPostMedia.

It's the egregious bullshit that you insist on publishing and insulting your readers with.

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