Monday, July 13, 2015

Kiss my rebel ass

When I first saw the story about Terrible Ted and Kid Rock collaborating on a paean to the Confederate flag, I thought, well, it wasn't hard to see that coming.

I've been a Nugent fan since his Amboy Dukes days. However, I've never been a fan of his politics. I get the pro-gun stuff, but the richer he got, the more he cuddled up to the most reactionary elements in the Republican party. Ted doesn't seem to get the fact that he's not hanging out with champions of the underdog anymore.

As for Kid Rock, I've never been enough of a fan to care about his politics, but I do enjoy his anti-authority schtick. That's why I thought "Kiss my rebel ass" was a natural for both of them.

So now it's claimed that the entire story was a hoax.

Was it?

Or did some savvy PR professionals jump into the breach and save these guys from embarrassing themselves?

Is it possible that Ted and Kid Rock have succumbed to the pressures of Political Correctitude?

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