Friday, July 3, 2015

US court fines Afghan child soldier $134 millions for defending Afghanistan

Get real!

This is an obscenity.

Whatever slim case America may have to make about its "exceptionality" is greatly diminished by this bit of judicial bullying.

Omar Khadr was a fifteen year old kid when American troops stormed his home town in Afghanistan.

In the first place, that makes him a child soldier. He is due all the considerations due any child soldier. For the most part, we in the Nations of Virtue have lobbied for the rehabilitation and reintegration into civil society of child soldiers.

Secondly, this opens the door to all manner of frivolous lawsuits. If US soldiers can take legal action against Afghan citizens for defending Afghanistan, can WW II Wehrmacht soldiers take legal action against Poles and Danes and Russians for injuries incurred as they were invading those countries?

Can IDF troops sue Lebanon for resisting the various Israeli incursions into that country?

Maybe there's a few Japanese vets who can launch lawsuits against China for resisting their occupation of Shanghai?

This decision is just monumentally stupid.

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