Sunday, July 26, 2015

Government doesn't want you to know what you're stuffing in your gob

And rightfully so!

After all, we wouldn't want ADM and Monsanto and Cargill and all the rest of them to feel short-changed after all the money they have spent buying congressmen and congresswomen and senators, would we?

Darn tootin' we wouldn't!

Yup, the GMO advocates in the Senate and the House are all aboard for denying Americans the right to know what they're eating. That's because, even though this thing called the "public" is overwhelmingly against being forced to consume genetically modified frankenfoods, those elected representatives in the House and the Senate understand that they're where they are to represent the folks who give them money, not the folks who elected them.

Ya, I know that sucks, but suck it up and get with the modern era.

That's how democracy works in the USA today!

And generally speaking, once it's working that way in the USA, it's gonna be working like that in Canada and all the other me-too nations too...

So enjoy your GMO Corn Flakes!

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