Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Normalizing US-Iran relations means end of Netanyahu's career

And while this may mean the end of Netanyahu's career, it is nothing but good news for Israel!

Hopefully, the end of Netanyahu will also mean the end of the era wherein politicians were allowed to make statements such as "we don't talk to our enemies."

Or it's close cousin, "we don't negotiate with terrorists."

There is a reason Mr. Netanyahu has been all over the international media today with his desperate plea for a rejection of the biggest mistake in the history of diplomacy. Take away that imaginary Iranian threat, and you've taken the air out of the Likud balloon.

Yes, there was a time when Iran was a nascent nuclear power. That was back in the days when our bum-boy the Shah of Iran was running the show. America and Israel were both partners in Iran's nuclear program at that time.

That ended in 1979, and a lot of politicians in America are still bitter about that whole embassy thing.
They haven't trusted the Iranians to be complacent wards of the Empire ever since.

Bibi was quick to capitalize on that, and as Gareth Porter has pointed out elsewhere, the entire history of the post '79 Iran nuclear program was essentially an advertising program designed by Likud and their acolytes in Washington.

The reason that the fall of the extreme right is good news for Israel, is that the fall of the warmongers allows the rise of honest leaders who know that your enemies are the people you need to talk to the most.

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