Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Russia isolated? Billions of investment dollars pouring into Crimea

According to this story at, there's no shortage of investors eager to put development money into Crimea.

They're coming from Turkey, China, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, among others. Obviously a lot of folks world wide are more than happy to thumb their noses at the sanctimonious Washington-led sanctions that are intended to "isolate" Putin.

Maybe it's time for the Nations of Virtue to come up with a Plan B; respect the decision of the people of Crimea to reunite with Russia, stop antagonizing Russia, and offer instead some meaningful assistance to the crew of cretins we installed in Kyiv.

By all accounts, things in Ukraine have only gotten worse since the Nuland/Pyatt putsch. Obviously the people of Crimea made the correct choice in wanting nothing to do with it.

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