Monday, July 20, 2015

After years of sponsoring ISIS, Erdogan and Davutaglu pretend they didn't see the blowback coming...

Sure, they're going to increase "border security" now that an ISIS suicide bomber has lit up on their side of the border.

Border security between Turkey and Syria has been a complete joke for at least the past four years. Turkey under Erdogan and Davutaglu has been a no-holds-barred conduit for fighters and weapons heading into Syria to unseat Assad.

But now they pretend to be utterly shocked that the very "terror" entities that they have been feeding and promoting all along have turned on them?

Erdogan (and make no mistake, Turkey remains Erdogan's show regardless of who the nominal leader is) has been playing a double game all the way down the line.

Now that duplicity is coming back to bite him.

Unfortunately, it's the little people who pay the price.

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