Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Trump factor

I'm sure Falling Downs wasn't the only think tank that labelled Trump's official entry into the 2016 race the "Gong show."

But you have to admit he's made a remarkably good run of it so far.

While Trump has habitually overstated his net worth, he doesn't need to dip into it very much so long as hordes of media types are clamoring for the latest insight to fall from his lips.

As long as that persists, as long as the MSM insists on giving him millions of dollars worth of publicity for free, he won't even have to tap his personal fortune.

What you gotta love about the guy is that he's operating totally outside the orbit of mainstream message massaging.

Millions of Americans think hey, we got enough Mexicans already.

NOBODY, not Jeb or Rubio or that twat from Wisconsin or Hilary or anybody else is willing to stand up in public and say so.

That's a sentiment that resonates with a lot of Americans... hell, I'm willing to bet it resonates with a lot of Mexican-Americans... especially the ones who got here by legit channels.

Ya, he may be a rich-boy doofus, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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