Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Canadian law enforcement setting up the mentally ill in "terror" stings

Anyone who has followed the Nutall/Korody case out in BC is well aware that those two losers were strung along by their government minders till those minders thought they had a headline-worthy case in the mix.

Millions of dollars of state resources were deployed to set up these unfortunates. Had but a fraction of those resources been made available to help Nutall and Korody, this case would never have happened.

Then you've got your VIA RAIL terrorists back in Ontario.

 This case hinged on entrapping a guy with schizophrenia.

Why not?

Those guys are paranoid anyway!

And they're always making stuff up about those imaginary voices and all that shit!


And kudos to CSIS and the RCMP and all their foreign handlers for figuring that out!

As a nation, we have well and truly come to a sad place when we can invest public money into scape-goating the marginalized Canadians who are being entrapped in these cases.

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