Sunday, July 12, 2015

Burqa wearing Texas woman kicked out of restaurant for carrying gun

I'm wondering if the new Texas law legalizing open carry applies to folks wearing a burqa?

In the interest of consistency, one would think it would.

Wearing a burqa is a matter of religious freedom. Carrying a gun is a matter of the second amendment.

But our operatives in Texas have discovered that there is more to this story. Jesus Apfelbaum, proprietor of Jesus' Best Mex in San Antonio, claims that the customer was not asked to leave because of the gun.

"I respect the law and I respect the second," Mr. Apfelbaum told our reporters. "We didn't kick her out for the gun, we kicked her out 'cause she was breast-feeding right here in our restaurant... you know what that looks like? When you roll up six feet of burlap to stick a baby on your boob, you're basically sitting here naked!"

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