Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump, El Chapo, and USA 2016

What Donald Trump is doing here is positioning himself as the go-to guy for that constituency that still believes in the War On Drugs.

By default, that also makes him the de facto candidate for the prison-industrial complex.

The War On Drugs and the prison-industrial complex are inseparable twins. One's not gonna last long without the other. The astronomical rise in the prison population since Richard Nixon declared the War On Drugs is what's made the current success of the privatized prison-industrial complex possible.

"El Chapo" and every other so-called drug lord is 100% the product of America's War On Drugs. In spite of that so-called war, Joaquin Guzman and his ilk have been more than successful in supplying the American market with drugs.

Obviously, America has a near-insatiable demand for the stuff. You can't blame that on Guzman.

Nor can you blame Trump for making political hay out of these realities.

These problems would be solved by legalizing drugs.

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