Tuesday, July 28, 2015

McCain v Trump

Donald Trump has never made an issue of his service to America during the Viet Nam War.

I suspect that's because he never served in the Viet Nam War. Nope, Donald was busy studying up at
Wharton. (What, Trump attended Wharton?... and he passed?... he graduated? Who knew?...)

Not having served in America's criminal campaign against Viet Nam can hardly be seen as a bad thing.

Mr. McCain on the other hand, trades large on his heroics in that war. Yup, not only did he serve his country; he survived torture and came out a war hero in that criminal campaign against Viet Nam.

Here's a story called The Horror of John McCain; war hero or war criminal.

There's lots of stories out there in a similar vein. That's why the good senator is not pursuing Mr. Trump's slanders with any enthusiasm.

That's why Trump's comments about Mr. McCain's war record have so quickly faded away.

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