Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh Jeez... maybe Arthur Porter really did have cancer?

Arthur Porter was, among many other things, Big Steve's hand-picked top civilian over-seer of Canada's  intelligence agency, CSIS.

That all went south in a hurry, and with virtually no comment by Canadian media, once Porter got entangled in the graft/bribery/corruption stink around the new Montreal Hospital.

In fact, Steve's boy didn't just get "entangled," he was pretty much the architect of the entire scandal.

In any other country, having your top spy overlord exposed as a fraud would generate endless headlines for a long time.

In Canada, the Bell-Postmedia-Rogers holy trinity who manage the news don't see anything newsworthy about Arthur and his banishment to the wilderness from the innermost circles of the Harper gang.

Anyway, you had a good run, Mr. Porter.


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