Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hummingbirds and circumstances

The F-35 has been the most expensive military procurement program in American history. The US taxpayer has sunk close to a trillion tax dollars into this pig that can barely fly. Latest reports have it being skunked by 30 year old F-16s in a mock dogfight.

That's progress!

Me and the Farm manager spent a few hours on the front stoop today. We were very much enjoying the peace and quiet, even as we were discussing what might happen if circumstances change.

We've got a hummingbird feeder hanging in front of the kitchen window. We were watching them all afternoon. We can see them from the stoop.

They can do aeronautical manoeuvres that no F-35 test pilot can even dream of.

Life is pretty damned good when you're sitting on the front stoop. Around here you might have a car or a truck or a motorcycle go by every twenty minutes or so. The cows wander up to the barnyard from their pastures at least once a day.

And there's always the hounds.

But if circumstances change, then what?

Then, instead of sitting on the stoop here in the north woods, watching the cows and the hounds and the hummingbirds, we'll be sitting on a balcony looking down on Yonge Street.

Not sure how I feel about that.

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