Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 State of the Union Poem

thank you
thank you

a teacher
an entrepreneur
an autoworker
a farmer
a doctor

give thanks for being home
from a war

you make our union strong

adding jobs
adding oil

this can be a breakthrough year for America!

faith and credit

rebuild the trust

invest in
the future

hopes, aspirations
what unites this nation?

opportunity for all!

those at the top have rarely done better
upward mobility
has stalled

too many
have stalled


the ladders of opportunity

lets move
lets join forces
lets help every hard working kid

go to college

millions are tired
of stale

millions are tired

millions have given up

the son of a single mom

isn't every man
the son of a single mom?

lets flip equations
create jobs
turn things around
right here at home

create jobs
rebuild infrastructure

as fast as possible

create hubs
to lead the world

we own the edge
we cannot surrender

industries to be built on vaccines
and paper stronger than steel
and innovation stronger than

i'll get those factories built
and strengthen protection

of air

and water

and future generations

it's not oil and gas
it's smarter tax policy
that builds the future

cleaner safer fracking
cleaner safer pollution
we are still the worst
but we are the best

the dirtiest, but the

time to heed the call

immigration reform

will shrink our economy
and make us more attractive

lets get it done!


train americans
right now

train on the job
put him in jail
if he smokes a joint

employment insurance
a month ago
i wrote a letter
and now i'm on tv

give em a chance
give em a chance

give every child a chance
at a world class education
at world class prices

race to the top
critical thinking
more challenges
better parents
but its worth it!

that has to change

race to the top
for our youngest

race to the bottom
for the rest

partner the rest
with google
and apple
and the leading

too many will see this
as empty promise

we need to restore
the dignity of hard work

if not the pay

women deserve
equal pay
so lets do away
with the difference

lets make sure
every woman succeeds

americans agree;

no one who works
should be in poverty

therefore i ask
that employers be nice
and raise wages

and when you're making
ten ten
you'll be owning
a home!

and isn't affordable care great?

i did all this
for america

lets see
if the numbers add up

means standing up

the power of the vote
drives our democracy

this chamber agrees

extraordinary troops
make us secure

troops come home for
our security

we will support
a unified Afghanistan

for our security

we will support
a unified al Qaeda
in Yeman
in Somalia

at home we will
keep faith
and invest
in future missions

our leadership
our security
cannot depend
on targeted efforts

vital confidence
on ordinary people being violated

so we will counter
with our ideals

let me be clear

we must give
a chance

or else
all options

Iran could take
a chance
and risk war

forge greater understanding
free people from fear
and want

from Tunisia to Burma
to Ukraine to Africa

we're building commerce
and will continue
to focus
and extend one hand
and greet them
with kindness

and next week we will
march into Sochi
with the red white and blue

the burdens we bear
to advance America
a new generation will
slash health care
and that mental health
that they need

every veteran will
stay in touch

Cory was nearly killed
in that wasted

wasted time in

even now Cory is still
but slowly
he is learning to speak
and is slowly
becoming the man he was

before Afghanistan

Cory gets a standing O

men and women like Cory
remind us
that there are them
and us
and that collective shoulder
on the wheel of progress
is just a metaphor

what we want for our kids most
is to not be Cory

our eyes are cast to tomorrow

God bless me,

God bless us,

God bless America

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