Friday, January 17, 2014

Pope Benny wasn't such a bad sort after all

In fact, I think Pope Benny might have got the short end of the stick. Pope Benny didn't have the PR smarts to save his rep.

Stuff like this was just water off a duck's back.

Now that Benny is gone and Frankie is wearing the red dress, there's a whole new game in play. Frankie got a whole new bag going on, but part of it seems to be the rehabilitation of Bennie.

Seems that Bennie was coming down hard on all those kiddie-diddlers in the priesthood. Defrocked no less than 400 of his disciples for taking liberties with the wee ones.

So take that, all yee anti-Papists. The Church of Rome went off the rails a bit, but they got their mojo back, by God!

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