Monday, January 20, 2014

Yachts of Canadian Billionaires

Canadian Business has a spot of wealth porn going on at the moment with their annual "Rich 100" list.

Among the many treats in store for the reader is a lavish spread on the yachts of Canadian billionaires.

It's a little lame as a matter of fact. As mega-yachts go there's not really that much to ogle here. All these billionaires could afford bigger yachts if that was a priority.

Here are the interesting points not made in the article.

Of the five Canadian billionaires whose yachts are featured, one is a Russian and one is from Hong Kong. Why are they on the Canadian billionaire list?

These are the folks we are told are "job creators" every time their political bumboys are lobbying to reduce their taxes. We reduce their taxes so they can buy bigger yachts. How many of these yachts were built in Canada?


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