Saturday, January 18, 2014

As Canadian PM "Big Steve" Harper wings his way to Holy Land, the only Canadian on Israel's radar is... Neil Young!

Big Steve is on his way to the Holy Land with an entourage of hundreds, all having a nice winter break in the middle of the coldest winter in decades, and all on the tax-payer's dime, thank you very much.

Canadian media have played up this trip as a really big deal. It cements our imaginary stature as Israel's most loyal ally in the world. Don't laugh. There are some Canadians who buy into this stuff. Most of them seem to be in the Harper cabinet.

Doesn't seem to be that big a deal in Israel though. I just checked the home pages of a few mainstream Israeli news sites and there's not a hint of Harper's visit anywhere.

I did however come across one reference to a prominent Canadian; Neil Young is heading to the Holy Land to play a concert in July!

Man, that's gonna piss off his pinko fans among the BDS crowd!

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