Friday, January 3, 2014

Global warming is gonna freeze us to death!

According to the text-books, the plot of land I'm sitting on right now was under mile-deep glaciers 10,000 years ago. Then those glaciers melted. Must have been some "global warming" involved, but it wasn't called that.

No, global warming wasn't discovered till the dying decades of the 20th century - and it's been getting colder ever since!

Call it global warming if you want, but it feels more like cooling to me. The weather events we've seen in this winter that's just begun should give us pause. The recent ice storm in Toronto saw some folks without electricity for well over a week.

That was one ice storm. What if there were two, back to back? Or three?

Much of North America and Western Europe have had record cold snaps over the past few weeks. What would happen if the temperature got just a bit colder and the "snaps" lasted just a little longer?

A couple of ice storms back to back followed by a month at -40 would cripple our electricity infrastructure. The "warming centers" would freeze up. The gas stations we rely on to fetch fuel for our generators would be closed, as would the refineries that make the fuel for our generators, as would the roads from your house to the gas station to the refinery.

The grocers would be empty even before they were frozen shut. Getting to a hospital would be impossible in the first place and redundant in the second. They'll run out of fuel for their generators too.

We'll be freezing to death by the tens of thousands...

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