Sunday, January 26, 2014

Israel scandalized as fruit of PM's loins boinking shiksa

Yair Netanyahu, 23 year old spawn of Benyamin, has been outed as engaging in carnal relations with a non-Jewish woman.

Well, at least the outraged nutters can thank the Almighty that it's a woman, you might be saying to yourself.

You'd be wrong! MK Eli Ben Dahan, who moonlights as a rabbi in his free time, has gone on the record stating that a Jewish man is better off with a Jewish man than with a non-Jewish woman!

I better be careful here... once the Farm Manager catches wind of that reasoning she'll run off with one of the gals from the schul and I'll be managing Falling Downs on my own.

But seriously, this must be the first time ever that I feel some empathy for Netanyahu. His son is 23. He'll do what he does. What is the father supposed to do about it?

What foolishness!

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