Monday, January 6, 2014

Boeing celebrates best year in its history by f@cking workers

Records are falling like dominos for the Boeing company; record deliveries, record order book, record profits. Look for the suits in the executive offices to award themselves record bonuses.

While managers get the bonuses, the folks who actually build those airplanes are getting the bone. The company has succeeded, in spite of its record-breaking year, in coercing major give backs out of their unionized workers.

Boeing has so much cash on hand, they have committed to a $10 billions share repurchase. That's obviously got nothing to do with airplanes, but it's a nice sop to the shareholders.

The men and women who build those airplanes are lucky too. While they may have lost their pension plan, THEY GET TO KEEP THEIR JOBS!

That's considered a good deal in today's America. No matter how successful the company, it is essential that the workers know that success has nothing to do with them. Furthermore, they need to know that somewhere, somebody, is willing to do their job for less, and therefore they should too.

I'll predict here and now that long before this eight year contract extension runs its course, Boeing will be demanding even more concessions from their workers.

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