Thursday, January 23, 2014

When the Rolling Stones were dirty

If you just want to see the Rolling Stones rock out, this is for you.

If you want to hang around for the critique, read on.

When Mick Jagger became SIR Mick you should have known you were sold out. The anti-establishment gets the Judas-kiss from the establishment.

Not that you weren't sold out long before.

Rock and Roll is about selling out.

It sold out incrementally. But by the time Mick became Sir Mick and tours took on corporate sponsors you knew it was over.

There was a time, the old days, a time when the Rolling Stones were just a band, when rock and roll was just music.

Now they're a big business.

Rock and roll is big business.

There are a dozen bands in your home town who haven't been corrupted yet, no matter how much they might wish they had been.

Take a pass on the next big-ticket show and go see some of the young bands in your town.

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