Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Muslim group threatens Canadian PM

Oh my God, al Qaeda is after Big Steve! Look, right there in the headlines... they're after him!...

Just for fun, google "Muslims threaten Harper" and see what comes up.

Yup, you've got all sorts of stuff about this Muslim group threatening Canadian PM Stephen Harper... with a lawsuit!

Not quite the same as a suicide bombing or a carbomb or a beheading, is it?

But it does make for a snappy headline. Big Steve is obviously in the thick of things... they must hate him because he loves Israel's freedom and democracy so much and isn't afraid to say so.

So what is the cause of this threat of a lawsuit?

Seems a Harper spokesperson implied that the National Council of Canadian Muslims was linked to terrorism.

Specifically, to the Hamas clique governing Gaza. Yes, those very ones who were democratically elected in the sort of free and fair elections we generally applaud.

This is how a non-story gets made up. A Harper spokeperson makes an ill-informed comment. The targets of the comment over-react, and suddenly you've got the headlines in question.


Relax folks... as with most Harper headlines, it's nothing.

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