Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bolshevik Bob and the Grace of God

I think it was Bolshevik Bruce, if I'm not mistaken...

But "Bob"  rhymes with "God" so I'm happy enough to leave it there.

Let me tell you about Bolshevik Bruce. Or Bob.

That was gonna be my "twitter handle".

Only after I was informed that "Falling Downs" was taken.

Ya, while I've never done anything totally crass like "monetize" this blog, it does cross my mind from time to time to do a little more to promote it. Tried to set up a Facebook account for Falling Downs once. The process just got way too complicated. That in itself should tell you something. There's not a nine year old in North America who is intimidated by the process of setting up a Facebook account, but it's way too much for me.

That was pretty much the experience I had with "Twitter."

Last time I had a "handle" was when me and Terry ran cross country in the middle of winter delivering his Harley to Calgary. Figured we'd do well with a CB radio in the 77 Impala, the one with the 350 4bbl motor that was standard issue in the Corvette.

An Impala with a Corvette motor, in other words.

So we hook up this CB system, and I swear, the only time we used it between Guelph and Calgary was when we were looking for a liquor store in Brandon Manitoba.

Which, thank God, we found!

And while I am happy to report that said Impala could well bury the speedometer even while towing a trailer with a Harley in it, the point of that CB has always escaped me.

Just like 30 years later the point of that "Twitter handle" escapes me again.

Anyway, I was somewhat at loose ends when I found out that "Falling Downs" was a Twitter handle already taken. How the fuck does that happen? Must have been that opportunistic shit who was tweeting all my blog posts when they hit BEFORE ITS NEWS.

So I'm a bit put on the spot, and wracking my brain I come up with... Bolshevik... Bruce? After all, that's the county I live in...

But I have to admit that "Bolshevik Bob" has a better ring to it.

But for the grace of God I'd be calling Calgary "home" today...

And that 1400 square foot side-split I almost bought in Rundle for $78,000  is now worth half a million...

But for the grace of God...

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