Thursday, January 23, 2014

BREAKING! Alien warcraft swarm DC, leave crop circles on White House lawn (photo)

Sorry folks, this didn't actually happen; it was a premonition.

Or maybe a hallucination. Or a daydream. An acid flashback?

Maybe I just made it up?

If you look around the www you'll notice there's an awful lot of that shit out there. In fact, next to porn, the subject of aliens and their attendant traces are probably the biggest thing on the internet.

The Silicon Valley cheer-leaders want you to believe that we've never had this kind of mother-lode of information available anytime in human history.

We're in the information age now, baby!

Here's some information for ya; those "crop circles" on the White House lawn were caused by BO doing donuts in a golf cart after he heard that Deron Williams was not on the Olympic bb team.

By the way, that's Deron putting the squeeze on the First Lady behind BO's back.

Remember; just because it's information doesn't mean it's true.

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