Sunday, January 5, 2014

Israel to help Arab neighbors fight terrorism

No, I'm not making that up; here's Pres. Peres quoted in the JPost yesterday;

He said he was certain, however, that if Israel and the Palestinians could resolve their conflict, Israel could be of help to the Palestinians and by extension to the rest of the Arab world in dealing with the problem of terrorism.
It may be uncouth to spell it out, but the man is well into his 91st year, and perhaps not all the marbles are rolling in the same direction anymore.

He was speaking on the occasion of a shadow-state visit by self-anointed US shadow Secretary of State Senator John McCain. As the second most popular American politician in Israel, McCain has assigned himself the task of following John Kerry around on his so-called peace initiative to make sure Kerry doesn't push Netanyahu into giving too much away.

And if that's not funny enough, Netanyahu reaffirmed the obvious in claiming yet again, in case anyone missed the previous ten thousand declarations of same, that Palestinian incitement is the main roadblock to peace. It's a vicious cycle; incitement - another couple hundred settler homes - more incitement - another few hundred settler homes, and so on for forty years now.

Obviously only a moron would expect this cycle to be unwound so long as there is no cessation of Palestinian incitement.

Alas, the Senator from Arizona, perhaps also showing a few signs of marble-management issues, was soon distracted by events in Iraq, claiming in the same brief presser that he was "even more troubled by al-Qaeda's reconquest of Falluja." 

He sees the American withdrawal from Iraq as having been a grave error. The very idea that democracy was going to flourish in an Arab land without US boots on the ground was wishful thinking of the highest order, as any Republican could see at the time.

Fortunately, once Kerry has this Abbas-Netanyahu framework agreement wrapped up, the IDF can start helping the Palestinians and other Arab neigbors fight terrorists. I'm guessing they'll start with Hamas and Hezbollah...

And then on to Falluja!

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