Sunday, January 19, 2014

Standing on guard for Canada - in the Indian Ocean

Today we have another breathless tale about the derring-do of Canada's brave men and women in uniform and their exploits on the high seas. Seems they took another "massive haul" of heroin off the market.

Members on the Halifax-class frigate HMCS Toronto board a suspected drug-smuggling vessel.

That's got to be a fun gig. Racing about in Zodiac jet-boats, waving guns around, scaring the crap out of hapless oafs trying to make a few bucks smuggling heroin.

While this month's massive haul is only half the size of last month's, why is the Canadian Navy making any drug busts in the Indian Ocean? They are ostensibly in the area to "curb terrorism and deter piracy." How did their war on terrorists and pirates morph into a war on drug smugglers?

Is interrupting drug smuggling in the Indian Ocean something the Canadian taxpayer should be paying for?

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