Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome to the University of Jihad

According to recently published accounts, there may now be upwards of 11,000 foreign jihadis fighting in Syria against the Assad government.

Think of Syria as one gigantic open air campus specializing in terror training. When these idealistic young men arrive in Syria they are no more dangerous than the many home grown wannabe "terrorists" like the Toronto 18.

Those who do not graduate cum laude and go straight to their reward in the hereafter will graduate back to their home countries; to Germany, France, the UK and US, Canada, and throughout the Arab world.

They may have left with grand illusions and stars in their eyes; they will return as battle-hardened blooded killers.

They will know and understand small arms and not-so-small. They will know the rudiments of guerrilla warfare strategy. They will be experienced in urban combat. They will have learned how to craft a carbomb, a suicide vest, and an ambush.

And they're coming home to the soft white underbelly of the West.

We have sown the wind with our hubristic vendetta against Assad.

We'll be reaping the blowback soon enough...

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