Monday, January 13, 2014

Britain's death wish

The lustre of "greatness" has long been fading for Great Britain. It makes one wonder if the twats who run the place have the slightest clue about where they're going.

What, for example, do they imagine will come out of the trebling of university tuition? It's a policy that stinks of entrenching the privileged station of the elite at the expense of everyone else. How can this be good for the society in the long run?

And what is the desired result of the ruthless and cynical war on the poor that we've been seeing? While that's been a plank in the platform of both leading parties for two generations, it has only ramped up under the Cameron wrecking crew. Charging folks on welfare a "bedroom tax" for unoccupied rooms in their homes? What is that?

But here comes Cameron with a strategy guaranteed to speed the downward spiral along. According to Cameron, Britain needs to "go all out" for fracking. Yes, he and his cronies in the oil business have seen the future, and the future is fracking.

Having squandered the North Sea windfall with a quarter century of tax cuts for the rich and foolish military adventures, the brain trust at the top is now doubling down on fossil fuels.

The US is a good ten years ahead of the UK in permitting the industry an unrestricted free-for-all in pumping poisons deep into the earth to free up gas and oil inaccessible with conventional drilling methods. Anyone who looks for it can find plenty of evidence that the practice poses a grave peril for underground water resources. How much greater will the damage be in a country that has 700% higher population density than the US?

Looks like Cameron and Co. are determined to find out.

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