Monday, January 13, 2014

Fat chicks no longer sporting Lululemon attire; dump stock now before it's too late

That's a bit of a misleading headline. Even chicks who think they're fat are having second and third thoughts, and while they're having those thoughts they're not spreading their purses open for the empire that Chip built.

Bear in mind that the thinnest women you know all believe that they're fat. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson completely and totally destroyed his customer base with his moronic comments.

What an asshole!

And now the stock is in free-fall.

That means the yoga-tights market is wide open for some savvy entrepreneur who gets fat chicks. Or who gets women in general, since they're pretty much all convinced that they're fat. Obviously Chip Wilson was wildly out of touch all along.

Not that there's anything new about that. Many a multi-billion fortune has been built on women's sense of inadequacy, from cosmetics to fashion to chick-lit and chick-flicks and beyond.

It is well-trod but fertile ground.

I've got a brainstorming session going on next door with some of the top consultants in the industry, on how we can piggyback a new line of yoga tights off the smashing success of our BigAss brand of patio furniture. I'll let you know how you can invest on the ground floor, because my hunch is this is gonna go through the roof...

In the meanwhile, get the hell outta whatever Lululemon stock is still befouling your portfolio.

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