Monday, January 13, 2014

Falling Downs scoops CBC by three months on fraudulent jobs program

The CBC has a scoop for you today. That Harper gang "Job Action Plan" is a bunch of PR bullshit and nothing else. There is no action, no plan, and no jobs.

Who knew?

Oh lookee, the think tank here at Falling Downs had it nailed months ago. I quote:

Witness the many government adverts for "Job Action Plans" that consist of nothing beyond their advertising plans.

To be fair, the CBC has a lot of detail that was beyond our resources to dig up, such as how many millions our leaders have invested in publicizing this imaginary jobs plan. Then again, the folks at CBC get a billion dollar plus budget to work with.

Our think tank here at Falling Downs is financed by what we get for the empties we take back to the beer store, and while substantial, it's nowhere near that league.

But it's nice to have our work verified by the CBC. Maybe one of these days they'll run something about how the Harperites aren't actually leading the fight against polio in Pakistan.

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