Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Racist Toronto media hound Mayor Ford for Jamaican outreach programme

There's a new video out featuring Mayor Rob Ford "talking Jamaican."

The response of the mainstream Toronto media is pathetically predictable. It's as if the entire journalism community has taken the way-back machine to 1955, when Toronto was Toronto the Good, and Jamaicans were folks who lived on an island in the Caribbean.

Those are the times Toronto media pine for.

Times have changed. Today tens of thousands of Torontonians trace their roots to Jamaica. The systemic racism of the Great White North has often forced many younger Jamaicans into the criminal underworld.

Mayor Ford has a rapport with that community like no other politician, black or white, in the city.

For that he should be commended.

Instead, he is mocked, ridiculed, and relentlessly hounded.

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