Sunday, January 12, 2014

Haiti four years on

Four years on after the big earthquake.

All the big white-world media platforms have been celebrating the anniversary.

Some of them are celebrating the progress visible on the ground.

Some of them are celebrating the lack of progress.

Either way, what's true about Haiti is that all of the good intentions and all of the goodwill and all of the wishful thinking of all of the do-gooders from across the waters hasn't made much difference to the folks being kicked out of their temporary shelters today.

Bill Clinton and Sean Penn have long since turned to more consumer-friendly causes.

The fraudulent Prime Minister Martelly, fraudulent because he won his post only because the true people's favorite was not permitted to run, has done nothing other than perpetuate what's gone wrong in Haiti since not long after they became the first slave state to overthrow their masters.

Black Haiti beat Black Africa to Neocolonialism by a good 200 years.

Haiti has everything it needs to be a fully self-sufficient nation. What's holding her back is that .1% who own the country but educate their kids and do their banking in Miami or Montreal or Switzerland.

Haiti doesn't need "aid". Haitians need us to get the fuck out of their business and out of their country and let them figure it out.

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