Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FM Baird to announce appointment of extremist Likudnik as Canada's next ambassador to Israel

Which raises the question of why you can read about it at The National Post website before it's even on Baird's government website.

As for the next ambassador, Vivian Bercovici is best know for her occasional columns in the Toronto Star, which are notable for their entirely one-sided viewpoint on all things Israel-Palestine; Israel good, Arabs bad, and so forth.

This will ensure that the upper levels of the Harper government remain secure in their sealed echo-chamber, oblivious to any and all deviations from the standard Likud party line.

The Harper gang believes that unquestioning, unequivocal, uncritical support of even the most counter-productive Likud policies somehow proves them to be "true friends" of Israel.

Friends shouldn't let friends build settlements on illegally occupied territory.

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