Sunday, January 19, 2014

Who's up for a free trip to Israel?

The think tank here at Falling Downs is more than a little miffed that our invite for Big Steve's Holy Land junket got "lost in the mail," as a spokesperson from the PMO put it after a frantic call I made when I realized the plane was leaving without us.

Well, maybe we're outta luck, but Big Steve has put together the biggest trade delegation-religious pilgrimage ever, including 21 rabbis, a couple of dozen Christian ministers, and... what? No imams?

I know how they feel!

The imams, I mean.

But what the heck, it would be small-minded of me to begrudge the 250 free-loaders their free trip. After all, Israel is a "growing" part of Canada's international trade picture, accounting for approximately $2b in annual trade. That's about 5% of the trade we do with the US state of Michigan, so there's lots of room for improvement, and what with all those men of God along on the trip, God Himself is sure to bestow His blessings on Canada- Israel trade like never before.

Aside from the many men of God there are also a goodly number of Harper cronies enjoying the trip simply because it's free. What is Stockwell Day's purpose on the trip, for example?

The rest of the delegation is comprised mainly of Conservative-friendly CEO's and lobbyists who don't necessarily see any business opportunities in Israel, but didn't want to offend the PM by declining the invite.

Besides, it's a balmy 21C in Tel Aviv today, compared to -3C in Ottawa.

And it's free!

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