Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boston Pizza airs most offensive commercial since Herb sunk Burger King

Boston Pizza has got an advert on the spin cycle for the Canadian edition of the NHL playoffs.

It's a clan o' white trash trailer trash and yow-eeeee does they ever like them there new Boston Pizza ribs!

They all love them there Boston Pizza ribs so much they get all worked up about their shorty pants and their climbing poles.

I'm sure the MBA types behind this commercial did their focus groups and their market research, yet I have no clue who they could possibly think they'd be waving into the store with this kind of crap.

I've been a client of Boston Pizza since I stumbled into what must have been one of their first stores in Calgary back in the '70's.

Their roll-out nationwide has not been without its challenges. Locally the Boston Pizza store is about the third or fourth choice for anybody who wants pizza.

This commercial is going to put them right off the list for anybody looking for ribs.

Epic fail, marketing dudes.

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