Monday, June 10, 2013

Harper surrounded by sleaze, will crack down hard on $20/hr peons in the public service

Sanctimonious Steve sure isn't smelling all that great these days.

From the illegal electronic snooping to the serial fiscal abuse and outright fraud of his hand-picked Senate appointees, Big Steve is up against the ropes...

To say nothing of that fellow Steve made responsible for overseeing all that illegal spying, put in the job by Harper himself and then absconding with untold millions in Schmiergeld.

But let's not underestimate the man. He is after all a firm believer of the "punching above my weight" doctrine.

That's the one wherein you evoke the " Canada always punches above it's weight" mantra whenever you are trying to justify some morally dubious stunt on the world stage.

So just as the Tory ship is filling up with dirty water, Steve's brain trust finds the perfect scapegoat.

The Harper gang will rebuild their brand as guardians of the public purse on the backs of public servants across the land!

Did you know those people get BANKABLE SICK DAYS!!!!

I know!

It's like the last thirty years of Reaganomics and NAFTA and the entire neo-liberal manure wagon just passed them by!

By God, Big Steve has a point. Why should those molly-coddled civil servants get sick days when I don't?

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