Friday, June 14, 2013

Quebec Soccer Federation's tempest in a turban

Let me assure you that the average Quebecois is not nearly as racist a redneck as the no-turbans-on-the-pitch brouhaha would lead one to believe.

This isn't about turbans; it's about Quebec sovereignty.  Quebec sovereignty is a very delicate flower. Forever fearful of being assimilated by the English speaking majority around them, and long relegated a distant third-place behind Mexican speaking North Americans, the Quebecois see everything outside their boundaries as an existential threat to their language and their culture.

Hence, the only way that a FIFA edict would be seen as non-threatening would be if FIFA moved their world headquarters to the province.

In the meantime, a great big thumbs up to the Montreal coach who had his entire non Sikh squad wear turbans in solidarity.

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