Friday, June 7, 2013

Frank's little brother

Everybody knows who Frank Stronach is.

Until now, nobody ever heard of his little brother Hans Adelmann.

Back in the 1950's when Frank was working 25 hours a day getting his Magna empire off the ground, he invited brother Hans along for the ride.

As it turned out, Hans wasn't into working 25 hours a day. In fact, Hans wanted to take a day off now and again to go fishing.

They parted ways in short order. Frank went on to become a billionaire. Hans ended up living a modest life in Switzerland.

Frank would be my kind of billionaire. He actually invited the CAW into his Magna plants to represent the workers, which I believe is unique in the history of North American industrial relations.

After hurricane Katrina he put up his own money to kickstart a model community in Louisiana, Magnaville. Shades of Fordlandia.

Over the years Frank was a big deal in both Conservative and Liberal party politics in Canada. Now in his dotage, he is angling for the premiership of Austria.

Brother Hans meanwhile lived a quiet life. Says he left the employ of his go-getter brother because he never wanted to be gigantic.

And he wasn't. But now he's got a book out that threatens to change that. Einfacher Leben. Simple life.

Why work 25 hours a day when you can work six, have enough to eat and a roof, and spend a life living life instead of accumulating wealth?

That's a question more people should ask themselves.

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