Sunday, June 23, 2013

Canada commits to flushing another $300 million down Afghan toilet while homeless pregnant Canadian women sleep outdoors

In case you haven't noticed, Canada is by far the most virtuous of the Nations of Virtue.

We've got our fingerprints all over the odious "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine that greenlights imperialistic interventions around the globe.

We're big on banning landmines too, except when Israel or the USA plant them.

And we're especially proud of how we brought good stuff to Afghanistan, at least before we did that cut and run thing.

But even though we're outta there, we're not outta there yet.

Here's John Baird giving away $300 million to the Afghan army.

We know how that plays out. Abdul signs up and gets his official Afghan Army kit. Stays for two or three pays and then decamps for the Talib side.

Comes back a couple weeks later and signs up again.

Et cetera.

It's been going on for years.

Canada has $300 million for that.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, Lisa Roberts is sleeping in playgrounds with her toddler and the baby in her belly because Canada cannot afford to care for unwed pregnant mothers.

Does the Harper gang have their priorities askew?

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