Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Game seven

Are professional sports franchises finding themselves more likely to go seven games in a playoff series than in days gone by?

Seems there's been a burst of them just in the past week or so. Kings - Sharks, Hawks - Wings in the NHL. Heat - Pacers in the NBA.

Sometimes these series have the markings of a bona-fide struggle between evenly matched teams.

But other times you gotta wonder.

Like whoever thought Miami - Indiana would go to seven? Four, maybe five, and there was no doubt that Miami would prevail.

Last night's blowout was a foregone conclusion.

So why did the series go to seven games?

Do you think it could have anything to do with the fact that every playoff game is worth a minimum of 4-5 million dollars to the owners?

When a series runs to seven games instead of being wrapped up in four there is 12 to 15 million in free money on the table. At least.

Is it possible that could motivate at least some owners to extend a playoff series?

Just wondering.

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