Thursday, June 6, 2013

John Baird's pig-headed buffoonery threatens to cost Canada money

That's good, because "money" is a language that the Harper government's core supporters understand.

Back in April, when Foreign Minister Baird was busy racking up the frequent flier points on an otherwise pointless Middle East tour, he made a point of meeting with Tzipi Livni in East Jerusalem.

There is no one in the Arab world or in Israel who does not understand the significance of that gesture. Baird was in effect giving Canada's stamp of approval to the illegal Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem.

Baird of course has downplayed the incident, claiming that nobody cares where he meets folks for coffee.

That may have been a miscalculation on Baird's part.

Seems the government of Saudi Arabia cares.

Incidentally, that's a government that makes the Ayatollahs in Iran look like a bunch of flaming liberals, so it's doubly ironic that our buffoonish Foreign Minister should be finding the repercussions of his carelessness in the headlines the day after his juvenile diatribe against the Ayatollahs.

Canada used to have robust trading relationships with both Iran and Saudi Arabia.

If Baird remains FM long enough, we will have no trade with either.

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