Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who killed Jimmy Hoffa?

It's always been assumed that Jimmy Hoffa was dispatched to his reward by Mafia elements concerned that he might regain the presidency of the Union and cut off their access to the pension funds, which by that time was seen as a mobster piggy-bank by some.

I've got another theory. No proof, but a damn compelling theory.

What if the the government itself was behind Hoffa's murder?

Everybody knows that Hoffa was one of a handful of union leaders who brought America's working class out of the dark ages and remade it as the American Middle Class.

The establishment positively hated him for it. Robert Kennedy made a life-long vendetta out of persecuting Jimmy Hoffa. And even though Hoffa managed to outlast Kennedy, the demise of Bobby didn't spell the end of the get-Hoffa campaign by any stretch of the imagination.

With Hoffa out of the way, look what's happened to American workers. Look what's happened to the Teamsters.

The Teamsters today are still negotiating eleven dollar an hour wages for their membership, just like they did forty years ago. Problem is, forty years have gone by.

You can't buy a decent roof for 20 thou anymore, or a decent ride for three thousand bucks. A gallon of gas is four bucks instead of twenty cents.

But Teamsters still drive down the highway for eleven bucks an hour!

Jimmy must be spinning in his grave.

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