Sunday, June 9, 2013

Now for a few words from the world's leading cyber guru

Don Tapscott isn't kidding around when he claims to be the world's leading cyber guru.

He has absolutely convinced himself of it.

Have a look at some of his recent insights.

We've been in the early stages of a massive transformation the entirety of Don's career. My grandmother saw more massive transformation in her lifetime than I will see in mine, and she went to her reward well before Don and Al Gore invented the internet.

The most effective work systems are now social and collaborative, just as they were when the pyramids were built. Just as they have been since Grok and three buddies realized that they could take down that mastodon if they worked collaboratively.

A billion people use social media every day. Several hundred thousand working at the NSA have jobs spying on those billion.

We are all collaborating like never before? Any evidence for that? Does Don just make shit up that he thinks will sound good to the corporations that hire him as a motivational speaker?

As knowledge becomes more distributed, so does power. Really?

People are becoming smarter....

Of course they are! And it's all because they are accessing the internet with their smartphones and making a handful of internet and smartphone providers obscenely rich with their monthly tribute. Oddly enough, those internet and smartphone providers are the folks who butter Don's bread!


We need to bake integrity into corporate DNA. Just like Mom bakes her motherly goodness into her apple pie.

And how is this for a mind-fuck; we need to rethink executive pay packages so corporate leaders are motivated to do the right thing.

No we don't Don; we need to send them to jail for a long time when they don't.

But that's not a message they're going to pay to hear from guys like yourself out there on the speakers circuit.

The industrial age created an inert citizenry. The digital age creates an active citizenry. That must be why voter participation rates are broadly declining in every advanced democracy.

As you can readily see, "cyber guru" threatens to knock "economist" out of the top spot for the bullshitter's dream job.

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