Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do that got a hemi?

The Chrysler corporation started putting their new iteration of the hemi motor into their Dodge trucks about ten years ago.

Not too long after they started running commercials that would do Boston Pizza proud.

White trash hillbilly dumbfucks were all over themselves wondering if "that got a hemi?"

Nobody ever told them that the new hemi was not at all like the old hemi.

Nevertheless, lots of folks paid upwards of $40 thousand for a truck with the new hemi.

You can buy the same truck today for about 26 thousand dollars brand new.

We've seen massive deflation in the price of the hemi truck.

That should be a benchmark in terms of what's what in the US economy.

Call it the hemi-truck index.

It's good news for all those welders at Cat who used to make $30 an hour and now make $12.

Downsize yer double-wide, bro!... you can still afford a new Dodge hemi...

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