Thursday, June 13, 2013

Evil Dictator crosses red line just in time to bury NSA domestic spying scandal

The "Assad used chemical weapons on his own people" story has been around for at least a year, kept bubbling on the back-burner, held in reserve till the day we're ready to play it.

Looks like Team Obama thinks now's the time.

The timing is rather too perfect.

Every media outlet in the "free world" is bracing us for the sheer, stark, regrettable, inevitability of the US military establishing a no-fly zone deep in Syrian territory.

The US can count on cheer-leading but little else from the NATO pack. Their militaries face budget woes and their people are sick of the entire empire act that keeps the world in turmoil.

Once Assad is gone, what next?

Surely the civil war that is now ongoing between the Syrian state and a largely foreign jihadist force will not end with the removal of Assad from the picture.

For their part, the Iranians have every reason to see the Americans bogged down for a long time. As in Iraq, the war-heads who dream up this deadly foolishness will end up weakening America and increasing the prestige of Iran.

By playing this hand now the Obama White House is letting the world know they are about to come out from behind the curtain. It starts like this and eventually there will be 101 great reasons why US boots need to be on the ground.

By a fortuitous coincidence thousands of American troops happen to be on the Syria-Jordan border already.

All that talk about domestic spying and privacy laws can be conveniently forgotten...

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