Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nations of Virtue leave Syrian opposition twisting in the wind

It's pretty much over for the dupes who dared rise up against Assad.

They are now sitting ducks, waiting to be mopped up by Assad loyalists. And you know what that means.

All the big talk about how Assad will crumble is pretty much forgotten now, especially in those countries most vocal in their condemnation of Assad.

Today SNC acting President George Sabra made a pathetic and desperate plea for more military assistance.

That won't be happening, my friend.

And it's partially the fault of Sabra and his minions, who allowed their "revolution" to be hi-jacked by parties that everyone always knew could never be countenanced by the Nations of Virtue.

Jabhat al Nusra might find sympathy in Saudi Arabia, but so did Bin Laden. They won't find much in the NATO nations.

True, you've still got Hague and Fabius clamoring for more arms to the Syrian rebels, but those are marginal men running from their domestic issues. Fabius in particular has no credibility whatsoever. France more than has her hands full in Mali. If they can't see that through, they shouldn't even dream about Syria.

And Hague is just running a diversionary campaign to take the British electorate's eye off Cameron's foibles at home.

The future of  Syria has been decided in Washington.

And in Washington they seem resigned to Assad staying on awhile.

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