Sunday, June 30, 2013

(your) poverty is good for the planet

Here we go again with more fatuous "analysis" of the decline in so-called car culture.

Could it be the younger generation is more environmentally conscious? There are sociologists researching that possibility right now.

Could it be that folks feel so connected by Facebook and Twitter they no longer feel the need to drive across town and see their friends? More teams of sociologists are looking into that.

Could it be that lots of folks don't need cars because they're telecommuting instead?...

Or could the real reason for the death of car culture be that most working Americans can no longer afford a car or a driveway to park it in?

Ironically, the NYT home page also features this story about sky-rocketing CEO compensation. Maybe someone could do a little research to test this hypothesis; the percentage of children of CEOs who own vehicles and drive has not tracked the decline in vehicle ownership in the general population.

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