Monday, June 24, 2013

Text of IMF boss Christine Lagarde's love letter to Sarkozy

Dear Nicolas, very briefly and respectfully,

1) I am by your side to serve you and serve your plans for France.
2) I tried my best and might have failed occasionally. I implore your forgiveness.
3) I have no personal political ambitions and I have no desire to become a servile status
seeker, like many of the people around you whose loyalty is recent and short-lived.
4) Use me for as long as it suits you and suits your plans and casting call.
5) If you decide to use me, I need you as a guide and a supporter: without a guide, I may be
ineffective and without your support I may lack credibility.

With my great admiration,
Christine L.
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Now that's what we call messed up around here. Use me, baby!

This is from supposedly one of the most powerful women in the world, a role model for young and not-so-young women everywhere who leads by example and demonstrates that they too can break through the glass ceiling.

Even more disappointing is who it is addressed to; an utterly vain, self-important dwarf with a Napoleon complex.

How does one attain the highest reaches of the IMF with such manifestly poor judgement? Lagarde turns back the clock on the status of women by fifty years.

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