Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Strategy Lab

I don't know about you, but I believe the "Strategy Lab" folks are on the verge of expanding the franchise.

Poverty Lab would be a good next step.

Maybe Suicide Lab could be marketed to the faithful shortly after that.

Chris Umiastowski had a Strategy Lab column in the Globe and Mail the other day in which he sorta fessed up about putting a buy recommend on Apple when it was at $700.

That's what he paid to add it to his portfolio. For Chris to be as unperturbed about that move as he claims to be I strongly suspect his portfolio is like mine.


But Chris is over the moon about the prospects for Apple. If Apple was a "buy" at $700 then it is obviously a "buy lots and lots more at $430."

Had you heeded Chris' advice, you would be looking at a loss brushing up against 40% in less than a year.

Chris may not be perturbed but I'm guessing you might be.

By the way, Chris, if I were you I'd dump those Tesla shares while there's still somebody left on the buy side.

And I'd time that to happen before next winter...


  1. Two years later ... how do you feel about this idiotic post now? Yeah ... guess what? Apple is at new highs and you've proven my point - most investors (you included) are way too short term focused.

    Nice. This post was hilarious.

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  3. Well Chris, I gotta admit that in this particular moment of time, you look pretty smart and I don't.

    Having said that, I also gotta say apple is more of a short today than when I wrote those words. In the fullness of time I shall be righter and you wronger.

  4. Ok, if you say so. Best of luck to you. Strategy Lab may be a pretend money portfolio, but my personal position in Apple is very real. Who are readers going to listen to? The author of an anonymous, flippant post about my investing moves that contains not one argument in support of the bearish view? Or someone with a proven track record, cohesive arguments and real skin in the game (been a constant Apple shareholder ever since the iPhone was launched)

    Let's touch base in another 3-4 years :)